MMM Did not Crash in December - Its only Upgrading says MMM Guider

MMM Did not Crash in December 2016/2017- Its only Upgrading says MMM Guider - This morning news has been flying up and down the internet, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Nairaland, and most especially posts published by bloggers in Nigeria. We bumped into a message on Whatsapp written by Mr. Okala, a Guider in MMM. In his message, he says that MMM did not crash but only upgrading to provide better services to its members in Nigeria. See the message below;

Hello All, 

Top of the day to you...

I know we have read or heard on the news section that was captioned One-Month Freezing of confirmed mavrosπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

As you can see, I have smiley faces at the message and as I'm not fretting I don't want any of you to. Yes, you may have heard about system upgrades and little tweaks here and there to improve the system, fix fake Pops and correct issues with failed confirmations... Support need time and our cooperation to have this done once and for all! 

Yes, some of us definitely will have good use for the monies the want to GH, I can't say I understand what your going through, but be rest assured, your #Mavros are still safe! 

What is going to happen to MMM Nigeria

In 3 weeks time, all upgrades will be complete and everyone who is due for GH can continue to GH again

The sensible thing to do at this juncture will not be to fold your arms and wait till the 1st of January, 2017, but to continue to invite more people into the community as the promise of N20%_bonus Mavro growth will apply to them and luckily they won't be paired until the 1st of January πŸ˜€ 

That's 3 weeks already gone into a pledge...! Always look on the bright side of things and what makes people extraordinary is when they see good opportunities from every situation and make the best out of it! 

See what people has hurriedly published online about mmm nigeria crash

This is what one of my down liner posted even me as a guider am so happy that I brought her up very well. I am not scared people publish news like;
  • BREAKING: MMM Nigeria Crashes, Freezes Participants' Money
  • Crash Panic Hits MMM Nigeria As System Freeze All Member's
  • MMM Nigeria has Not Yet Crashed - Read What Happened
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As for me and my household, as long as God gives us life, we would stand strong and continue to believe that thru the course of the months since we joined MMM, we have and will continue to remain steadfast to the ideologies of MMM! We will continue to let people know that we can still be financially free as long as we stick with MMM! 

It's only 3weeks away...imagine if the prisoners in Kirikiri were told that their life sentence was reduced to 3weeks πŸ˜€

MMM Did not crash - See proof Here

Rejoice that you have life in you and as long as we have tasted and seen the light in the MMM tunnel, we shall continue to see the light till the end of the Tunnel!

Yours truly...😍

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