Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Programme - BOI Application Success Training

The Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Programme result is out? This is am empowerment programme supported by the Bank of Industry (BOI). Did you apply for the last YES programme? If yes, then you need to be aware they have selected the candidates that passed the first screening and they have sent them mails to notify them of their success in the first stage of the application and has also sent them a timetable of how the training is scheduled. See the Training Schedule Calender here. This is the sample mail sent to successful applicants;


Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! Your application has been selected to advance to the next phase of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Program (YES-P).

This phase of the program requires you to do the following:


You will be required to attend a 3-month online training that will further improve your business skills, enable you develop an effective business model and prepare you to access the Bank of Industry loan.
The online course is intensive and will require your commitment as only 70% of those from this stage will proceed to the one week in-class training before being absorbed into the BOI pipeline as preferred applicants for the loan.

The online training will commence on Monday, 29th August, 2016. You will receive an email instruction on how to register for your online training in a few days.


As you have successfully made it to this phase, you will need to check your registered email account and the YES-P website for program updates regularly. This is of great importance.

Once again, Congratulations!
Best regards,
YES Program Team


Welcome to the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme

Dear (Name of Candidate is here),

Congratulations on making it to this phase of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Programme!

We at the Bank of Industry are committed to building your entrepreneurial capacities, as well as providing soft loans for the actualization of your business ideas. Our aim is to help address the growing unemployment problem among Nigerian youths.

This Programme presents an opportunity for you to take control of your destiny by going the entrepreneurial route – by being self-employed and potentially offering employment to others.

The online component of the YES-Programme, hosted by the African Management Initiative (AMI), is very demanding and competitive – you will have to work hard, complete all the courses on-time, and dedicate a few hours a week for the programme. Consequently, we encourage you to go through the Programme with utmost diligence – if you do, you will be taking your business to a whole new level.

**Please be assured that the screening and evaluation processes of the YES-Programme are transparent, merit-based and in line with global best practices.

Throughout the programme, you will be engaged with various features of the online programme including taking online courses, using iCoach (a goal-tracking tool), and interacting with your peers on the online community.

In the first week of the programme, you will get familiar with the online learning platform by enrolling for your first course and introducing yourself on the community wall.
To get you started, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign the Commitment Charter

To successfully complete this programme, you will be required to put in 10 to 12 hours of effort every week. By reading and completing the attached Charter of Commitment, you will show your commitment to getting the full benefits of this programme. Simply click on the ‘I commit and understand this’ check box for each statement on the form and when done, click ‘Submit’.

Step 2: Review and print the Programme Calendar

During the programme you will be required to take 18 short courses on entrepreneurship and management that will equip you with the skills you need to not only become a more effective manager/entrepreneur but also more productive in your life.
Download and print the attached Programme Calendar for timelines on when each of the courses opens and closes. Please observe those timelines to avoid falling behind and missing out on the next phase of the programme.

Step 3: Login to the platform

Go to
Click on Login (select AMI in the drop down option)
Use the email address that you shared with us and the following password: "I remove it"
If you want to change your password, please click on 'Retrieve' password and set a new password that you will remember.

Step 4: Edit your Profile

It’s important that you fill in your profile so that the people you interact with know who you are. To complete your profile, scroll over your profile picture (on the top right-hand corner of the screen), and click on Edit Profile.

Be sure to complete the information on your current job, work experience, education and skills so that you can showcase your skills to your peers in the programme and network with people in the same industry as you.

Step 5: Access your Community and Enroll for Courses

There are 3 ways to access your community page:
Once you login (as per Step 3), you will be directed to the Dashboard where you will see your community name [BOI Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme Cohort 2] under My Communities title. Click on this community.
Alternatively, you can go to the ‘My Resources’ tab, click on ‘Communities’ and select BOI Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme Cohort 2. 

a) Enroll for a courses

  1. Each course kicks off (opens) and closes as per the dates shared in the calendar.
  2. To enroll for an open course, you will need to go to your community as per Step 5 above. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY TO ACCESS ANY OF THE COURSES IN THE PROGRAMME.
  3. Click on the course in the Courses box to enroll, and when it takes you to a description page, click on the Enroll button.
  4. The official kick off for the courses is on 30th August, 2016 and the first course is Setting Goals for Success. Get started by enrolling for this course.
  5. Once the course closes, it will disappear from your My Courses page if you had not completed it. If you had completed it, you will be able to download your Certificate and Report.
  6. As each set of courses closes, the next ones will automatically open as per the dates in the Calendar.
  7. Note that once enrolled in to a course, you will be able to access it/them anytime from My Courses page.

b) Post on the Community Wall

  1. Please get started posting on the Community Wall by introducing yourself (your name and state) and what you hope to achieve from the programme.
  2. You can find the Community Wall at the bottom of the Community Page as described in Step 5 above.
  3. Type what you want to post and click on the post button… Make sure to like and comment on other people’s posts.

See the requirements to get a Grant

Key activities for week 1

To recap, these are the activities for the first week:
  1. Sign of Charter of Commitment ("I remove the hyperlink")
  2. Complete the Pre-programme Survey- Here's the link ("I remove the hyperlink")
  3. Review the Programme Calendar
  4. Complete your profile("I remove the hyperlink")
  5. Access your community and enroll for the course "Setting Goals for Success"
  6. Introduce yourself on the community wall by making your first post

  • Next week you will receive instructions on how to access a useful feature called iCoach.
  • If you have any programme and/or technical issues in the meanwhile, please feel free to contact the Enterprise Development Center Learning Academy Team (
  • We wish you all the best as you begin your learning journey!
  • Please note that by using the AMI platform, you accept the terms and conditions of the site and the privacy policy. Read the terms and conditions here
  • Once again, Congratulations!

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Notice: The information above is for guidance purpose only. We are not affiliated to Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Programme or Bank of Industry (BOI). Do not contact us for any reason concerning this grant.
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