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WAEC Gambia International Exams is organised by the THE WEST AFRICA SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION COUNCIL for students in grade 12 to enable students gain admission into any other the country's federal or state universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. Below are the required information any prospective student MUST have.


The West African Senior School Certificate Examination is held each year in May/June for School candidates and November/December for Private Candidates.

The May/June Examination is administered to all candidates in the third (final) year of the Senior Secondary School course and is open to all schools, which are duly recognized by the Department of State For Education.

The November/December (Private) examination is administered to candidates who have completed either the Basic or Senior Secondary School .


The entry period for the May/June (School Candidate) is from October to December. For the November/December (Private Candidates) is from February to May.


The following subjects are offered for the WASSCE

1. Agricultural Science
17. Government
2. Arabic
18. Health Science
3. Auto Mechanics
19. History
4. Biology
20. Home Management
5. Business Management
21. Islamic Studies
6. Chemistry
22. Literature-In-English
7. Christian Religious Knowl.
23. Mathematics
8. Clothing and Textiles
24. Metalwork
9. Commerce
25. Physical Education
10. Economics
26. Physic
11. English Language
27. Principles of Cost Accounting
12. Engineering Science
28. Technical Drawing
13. Financial Accounting
29. Typewriting
14. Foods and Nutrition
30. Visual
15. Further Mathematics (Elective)
31. Visual Art
 16. Geography
32. Woodwork


Scripts are kept for three months after the release of results before they are finally destroyed. During this time, review of scripts for a fee is allowed and this is done at the instance of the Head of School or an accredited representative of the school since the Basic Education Certificate Examinations is a school-based examination. The Council by policy does not undertake review of scripts at the instance of candidates, parents, guardians or persons claiming to act “in loco parents”.


The certificate for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination will be warded to a candidate who enters and sits for any of the core or elective subjects. Certificates will be awarded on the basis of subjects offered. The core subjects are as follows:-

The Gambia Core (Compulsory)

(a) English Language
(b) Mathematics
(c) One Science Subject (Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
(d) One of either Literature in English, Geography or History
(e) Agricultural Science or Vocational or Technical Subjects

School candidates in The Gambia must enter and sit for three or four other subjects in addition to the core subject. Private candidates can enter for one or more subjects.


There will be six grades in order of merit from A to F. Grade A being the highest and Grade F the lowest. The first five Grades, which will be designated A, B, C, D, E will be grades of pass. The sixth grade will represent a failure.

The interpretation of the various grades is as follows:-
A1 - Excellent
B2 - Very Good
B3 - Good
C4 - Credit
C5 - Credit
C6 - Credit
D7 - Pass
E8 - Pass
F9 - Fail

For school candidates, results are release on-line through the school for the first eight weeks. Each school is given a Security Token and candidates must buy a result checker card to access their result by the school administrator.  Result checker cards can be obtained at all Guaranty Trusts Bank Branches in the Gambia at a fee of D100.00 (One Hundred Dalasis). For Private candidates results are also release on-line and can be accessed by purchasing a result checker card. The Statement of Results will show the results in the form of grades as stated above.


  1. The certificate issued is and remains the property of the West African Examinations Council at all times.
  2. The certificate should be kept in a safe place.
  3. The West African Examinations council will not issue any copies of the original certificate.
  4. Any alteration on the certificate renders it invalid.
  5. The certificate must be surrendered to the West African Examinations Council on request.


The May/June WASSCE will now be called WASSCE for School Candidates followed by the year of examination.  For example, in 2016, the May/June WASSCE will be called WASSCE for School Candidates 2016.

The November/December WASSCE will now be called WASSCE for Private Candidates followed by the year of examination.   For example, in 2016 the November/December WASSCE will be called WASSCE for Private Candidates 2016

Registration for WASSCE for Private Candidates 2016
Registration for WASSCE for Private Candidates 2016 closing date has been extended from June 30 to July 15, 2016.  Please buy your registration cards from any Guaranty Trust Bank (Gambia) Ltd Branch and go to any of the listed WASSCE Registration venues to register.  Please remember to pay for your registration fees of D150.00 at the bank and present your receipts at the registration venue.
Hurry and get registered to avoid late entry.

CLICK HERE to download the Subject Cards details and Prices.

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