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This is a Drum Lesson to teach anyone who wishes to Learn and Play Drum. Musical Instruments are of different types but the drum is a unique instrument which can is easy to learn. First of all, what is a drum? A drum is a musical instrument that is responsible for beats productions. There are many components that makes up the drum set. These components or parts are;

Parts of Drums Sets

  1. Snare drum
  2. cymbals
  3. Toms
  4. Floor Tom
  5. Pedals
  6. Drum Stool
  7. Hi-hats
  8. Bass Drum
  9. Drum Sticks

In this article, we are going to briefly explain these drum components


A snare drum is a major part or component of the drum set. The Description is simple

  • It is round in shape 
  • It produces the main sound
  • It has a whitish surface called the venom - Venom are those white/black layers of the drum the drummer hits on the drum set that produces the sound we hear.

There are various type of venome but the best used is the chemical venome. The chemical venome has layers that produces great sounds if the sound is increased by the use of a microphone. The venomes are are found in every part of the drum set except the Hi-Hats and Cymbals.


This is one of the major part of the drum set.

  • It looks like a pan pan
  • It is made of iron or alloy
  • It produces a "tish" sound or a crash sound
  • The best cymbals to by is the bringa, sabian etc

There are various types of cymbals. They are;
  • Crash
  • Ride
  • Splash
  • China etc

The cymbals are mostly gold in colour and are round in shape with different sizes. It usually comes with a stand attached to it.


This is another important part of the drum set that produces a "tom" sound to accompany the cymbals and the snare drum. It is quite big and it is located on the top of the drum and very close the Hi-Hat and on top of the snare drum. They are different in sizes depending on the nature of the designer.


As the name implies "Floor Tom", it is located at the right hand side of the drum set and always placed on the floor


As the name implies "Pedal", it is apart of the drumset which is played with the foot. It is located on the floor and it is attached to to the "bass drum". The pedal are of two  different types which includes the single petal and the double pedal. Both petals has thesame function. The pedal has a ball attached to it which is used to hit the bass drum to produce sound. in a nut shell, the pedal helps to produce the "Boom" sound in any musical piece.


A drum stool in plain words is a drumming sit. thiis part of the drum is very important because the drummer has to sit on it to be confortable to play nice tones from the drum set. The Description is very simple; it is round in shape and it has foams attached to a leather cloth and it has iron stands beneath it to keep balance for the drummer to prevent a fall.


This part  of the drum is located at the left hand side of a drumset. It also has a pedal attached to it with two cymbals of different shapes attached also. It produces a "Tis" sound when it is hit with a drum stick.


This is the biggest part of the drum set. It is placed on the ground floor and a pedal is always attached to it. It produces the "Boom" sound with the help of a venome.


This is a part of the drrumset with is cery important because with the drum stick the sounds would not be heard. The drum stick is always held in the hand or the wrist. The sticks has different sizes; A4, A5, A7 e.t.c. The sizes are selected for usage depending on the the type of muusic the drummer wants to play.

Types of Drum Sticks
  • Brush Drum Sticks
  • Robber Drum Sticks
  • Wooden Drum Sticks

  1. Brush Drum Stick - It is in form of a brush, it is mainly used to play salsa beats and jazz beats.
  2. Robber Drum Sticks - It is robber like in shape and it is used to play soft tones
  3. Wooden Drum Sticks - This is the main stick for playing any type of drum. It is made of wood which is always very smooth in hands. It is made of very ligght wood and it is very light in weight when held in the hand so that the drummer can play for a very long period of time.


There are different products of a drumset which are namely;
  • Yamaha Drum Sets
  • Tama Drum Sets
  • DW Drum sets
  • Pearel Drum sets


  • Traditional Drum sets
  • Electric Drum sets
  • Percussions (Conga)

Traditional Drum Sets - this is a modern traditional drum set that produces sounds without the use of electricity. This is mainly found in churches are are mainly used for concerts.

Electric Drums Sets - This type of drum set uses electricity to function properly. The sound are programmed. it is like a complete traditional drum set but they are light and fragile. They are mainly found in musical studios. Example is a product of "Poland" drum set.


You can get drum lessons from "DrummerWorld" or simply goto YouTube and search for drum lessons videos for begginers. You can watch these videos online or Download the Videos and Watch them offline. 
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