FF&E - Furniture, fixtures and equipments - What is FF&E in business plan? FF&E refers to the procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment. They are items classified as personal property.. Examples of FF&E include desks, chairs, computers, electronic equipment, tables etc which is a procurement for hotels, school, universities, hospitals or any type of an office. An explicit FF&E plan will allow a business to manage capital expenditure and budgets more effectively as well as reduce the risk of the business losing money. What Is Business Plan - Need Help Starting Your Business?‎ Click Here now

Use FF&E in a sentence

After the suspicious fire, the insurance adjusters scoured the company's FF&E list, questioning a lot of the newer and more expensive items.

The FF&E part of our inventory was depreciating at a rate that was better than we expected so we gained value from that.

If you are setting up a new office having good FF&E can be a way to raise the moral of your future staff.

Furniture fixtures and equipment FF&E

FF&E refers to the procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

This might be procured separately to the main construction contract (or elements of them), particularly by clients that already have systems in place for procuring fixed and loose furniture, fittings and equipment, for example schools, universities, or hospitals.

It is very important under such circumstances to define very clearly which contract every element of FF&E is within (for example there may still be unusual or large items that it may be more sensible to procure under the may contract). It is also important to ensure that any building work required for the installation of such items is identified and procured, that any services required (such as power or drainage) are identified and that the installation of FF&E is properly integrated into the main contract.

Requirements that affect the main contract might include:

Built in equipment requiring mechanical or electrical connections such as fume cupboards or drinks stations. A description of built in equipment should include; location, size, and requirements for power, air, water, drainage and telecommunications connection.
  • Built in equipment that does not require services such as cupboards or shelving. These should be described in terms of their location and size.
  • Stand alone loose furniture and equipment requiring services, such as washing machines, coffee machines and scanning equipment in hospitals. These should be described in terms of their location, size, and requirements for power, air, water, drainage and telecommunications connection.
  • Stand alone loose furniture and equipment not requiring services such as tables and chairs. These should be described in terms of their location and size.
It is also important that any elements that are outside of the main contract are included in the client's cost plans.

FF&E can be procured from specialist suppliers, or suppliers with whom the client already has a long term relationship. This may include maintenance arrangements. Some elements may be specially designed by FF&E designers or sourced by FF&E consultants.


FF&E for Successful Projects

When planning a any project like school, hospital, hotel, etc, the company you select to provide FF&E services will play a key role in operational efficiency and a successful project. From service reliability and attention to detail to project management with time sensitivity, the FF&E services help ensure your project remains within its budget and timeline with minimal disruption.
“A hotel opening is a complex operation; one step in preparation of a hotel is placing numerous purchase orders with suppliers worldwide. To ensure that furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies & equipment (OS&E) are bought, delivered and installed, sourcing, buying, transportation must be optimally coordinated, meet rigorous requirements, and ensure that the right goods arrive at the right site and at the right time.”
Begin your search for a provider during the early planning phase of your project. Ideally, the company you hire can properly handle the full supplying needs of your project, from packing and storage of current furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) to freight management, delivery and installation of any new FF&E merchandise.

Owners and developers then have the necessary tools and information needed to get a project underway, including budget development, financing, and leasing options.

A good FF&E team can manage the entire FF&E purchasing process for every area of your hotel, including guest rooms and corridors, lobbies, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, pool and patio areas, laundries, administrative offices, business centers, fitness centers, back-of-house, administrative areas, and interior signage. FF&E teams will tracks all projects using a proprietary comprehensive project supply management program that tracks each project’s process, including budgets, prices, expediting, delivery, reporting, and analysis, from inception through completion.
  • Project designing
  • Competitive bidding for project items
  • Personalized attention and complete oversight of Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) Purchases
  • Project status, budget & recap reports at intervals determined by you
  • Managers with wide-ranging experience from focused-service hotels to luxury and large resort projects
  • Model room build-out experience
  • Assistance with designer contacts
  • Pre-screened contacts for installation & warehousing management
  • Pre-approval of any changes prior to purchasing
  • Expediting and logistics management
  • Freight consolidation
  • Product Improvement Plan (PIP) assistance
  • Claims assistance
  • Post project assistance with warranties, replacements & suppliers

Guest Room Packages

With Guest Room Packages, you get customization, functionality, and value and your guests get all-inclusive décor schemes designed to fit their personal needs.

Custom Look

FF&E teams work closely with reputable soft good manufacturers to ensure that the products and specifications are custom-tailored to your brand’s specific standards. All of our case goods manufacturers use only the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure not only beautiful furniture, but functionality and durability as well.


Brand-approved guest room packages have undergone tried-and-true tests in real hotel environments to ensure their functionality and durability.


FF&E companies leverage the volume of the entire FF&E portfolio to secure best-in-class pricing on all of our products and services, creating extraordinary values for you.

Customer Support

FF&E has long been known for our unparalleled customer service and support. The team of professionals will ensure that your project, including the design you select and the products and services you need, will be handled with the utmost attention and care from start to finish.

Managing FF&E Logistics

Ideally, you will have the FF&E scheduled for removal fully inventoried and procurement of new merchandise handled well in advance. With a boom in hotel renovations, lead times for FF&E products are longer than usual, so strategic planning is necessary to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of new merchandise. The hotel logistics provider you select should be capable of properly handling many of the details for you, from strategic planning to inbound freight management, warehousing, delivery and installation.

The company should make it possible for you access inventory and tracking data, which can be helpful in making scheduling and construction-related decisions, and assist in coordination of any necessary scheduling changes. You will want a trained white-glove crew to ensure timely installation of your FF&E in flawless condition without damage to your facilities. The right FF&E logistic company will provide one.

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