Ukraine’s Donetsk region asking to Join Russia, Separatists leader says
A separatists leader declared Monday that eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region was not independent, but also would ask to join Russia, a day after referendum organizers claim voters in the region chose to break away from Kiev.

Dennis Pushilin, a self declared leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told a crowd that no further referendum was needed to ask Russia to annex it.
Pro-Russia separatists held a referendum Sunday asking residents of the Donetsk region whether it should declare independence from Ukraine. Nearly 90% of voters in the area favoured secession, an election official said Monday.
A similar question was put to voters in Lahansk, preliminary results were expected Monday, official said.
Neither Ukraine’s government nor the European Union immediately reacted to Pushilin’s overturn to Russia, though both dismissed Sunday votes.
“This propagandist farce will not have any legal consequences, only criminal responsibility of its organizers” acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov said in a statement.
“That farce the terrorists call a referendum is nothing else but a propagandist cover for killings, kidnapping, violence and other grave crimes“ he said.
He reiterated that his government will continue fighting against “terrorist, saboteurs and criminals” but will negotiate with those in eastern Ukraine “who do not have blood on their hands and those who are ready to defend their goals and beliefs in a legal way.
A vote for the autonomy is a vote for self destruction of the east, Turchynov has said.
It would cut residents off from the national economy and social programs, he said. “It is a step (to) nowhere for these regions. It is euphoria that may lead to very complex consequences, and many people can already feel them.   


President Jonathan Rejects Swapping Boko Haram Prisoners for Kidnapped Schoolgirls

Barely hours after it was reported that Nigeria terror group, Boko Haram, who kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls in Chibok Borno State are seeking a prisoner swap for jailed comrades, the Federal Government of Nigeria have allegedly said that it won’t swap Boko Haram prisoners for abducted schoolgirls.
Earlier yesterday, the terrorist groped released a new video message in which they purported to show some of the hundreds of girls they have captured from a town in the north-east of the country.
Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the militant group also said that the girls has been converted to Islam while in captivity, which he referred to as “liberation”.
The 17-minute video, obtained showed around 100 girls wearing full veils and reportedly praying in an undisclosed location.
In a separate part of the video, Shekau said that the girls would remain captive until the Nigerian government releases all imprisoned Boko Haram militants.
When asked if the government would reject any offer of a deal in exchange for prisoners, interior minister, Abba Moro said “of course”. He said; “the issue in question is not about Boko Haram giving conditions”.
The video has raised further concerns that the girls have now been split up into a number of groups across a remote stretch of Nigeria, as well as fears some have been smuggled out of the country.
The Nigerian government has previously said it will not “pay ransom” to get the girls back and on Thursday, the president, Goodluck Jonathan vowed that he would make the incident “the beginning of the end” of terror in the country.
Three girls were reported to have appeared individually in the videos with one of them saying that they had not been harmed by their captor. 

…to be affiliated to the state university for the award of degree
…State government promise to complete perimeter fencing of the school.
The Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo on Saturday, 10th May, 2014 matriculated over 750 students into the various school of the college to pursue careers in different courses for the Award of National Certificate on Education, NCE
In his speech during the ceremony, the state governor, Chief Martin Elechi said that the State Government is to complete the perimeter fencing of the school in no distant time.
He further stated that the state government is also considering landscaping the college to beef up its aesthetic value, while it is considering as priority the construction of accommodation for the Provost and staff of the college.
Appreciating the industrial relationship exiting between the college management and staff of the college, Governor Elechi urged the fresh students to work hard to abide by the matriculation oath they took and never be carried away by the frenzy of being in a tertiary institution.
Governor Elechi represented by his Personal Assistant on Higher Education, Prof. Mike Otuma assured that the state government would not waste time to implement all it takes for the college to affiliate to the state university to award degrees.
The Provost of the college, Prof. Silas Omebe appreciated the academic height the college has attained and appreciated the state Governor, Chief Martin Elechi for all his support to the college.
Prof. Omebe urged the fresh students to abide by the rules and regulations of the college which he said has zero tolerance policy for anti-social activities noting that the process of affiliation with the state university was progressing but needs government attention.
In his part, the state Commissioner for Education, Prince Ndubuisi Chibueze Agbo represented by Mr. John Ijere commended the college management for proper utilization of funds given to the institution and urged the students to study hard as future teachers.
The Vice Chancellor of Federal University, Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Prof. Ibidapo Obe represented by Mr. Afam Ituma and Mr. Macs Nnaji of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, assured of collaboration with the college as partners in educational development of youths and urged the students to pay attention to knowledge acquisition and skill development.
Some of the matriculating students including Master James Igwe and Miss Esther Igboke assured that they would abide by the rules and regulations of the college and be of good behaviour.
High points of the ceremony were taking of the matriculation oath and performance by the college cultural troop as well as corps members.


Ebonyi State Police Command want the public to be extra vigilant and more security conscious by observing security tips that will go a long way towards preventing incidences of kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorists attack and other forms of heinous crimes.
A release signed by the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Chris Anyanwu gave hints on personal protection, routes and movement, suggested behaviours in case of armed robbery or kidnap attack and bomb tips.
The release urges members of the public to only chose a residential apartment with perimeter fencing within a neighbourhood where people live closely and put burglary proof at all doors and windows and if affordable an alarm system activated by intrusion detective device.
It advises people not to admit visitors without proper identification and to have a peephole in the door stating that sensitive information and detailed travel arrangement should not be discussed to the hearing of house helps or untrusted neighbours, friends and relatives.
The police also want the public to be alert to persons disguised as public utility workers and to maintain friendly relationship with neighbours and have each other’s phone numbers.
While advising that household members should not admit strangers or divulge information to them or accept packages from them unless they are certain of the source, it urges all to maintain current security agencies distress call numbers and make them easily available.
It gave the numbers to include: 08138729707; 08039364801; 08160172049 and 07064515001.

The people residing at the Ishieke Campus of the Ebonyi State University has decried low power supply which according to them has made life miserable.
When our reporter visited the area, it was observed that God’s Own Lodge area has been in total black out for the past one week. A residence of the area, Angela Ude said “it has been up to a week that they saw power supply from the public power source”. She went further to lament that at times, when they see, it was always low voltage popularly called “low current”. She stated that this affects the residence badly in the area of ironing of their cloths, reading in the night and charging of their phones. She stressed that they now rely on commercial phone charging operators who collects between N30 – N70 to charge their phone.
She implored the Enugu Electricity Power Distribution Company to come to their aid as this unfortunate situation hampers their activeness in academic performance.
Also, James Odo of Shalom hostel said that he now depend on dry cleaners to iron his cloth since he cannot wear a rumpled cloth to school. He further said that the dry cleaners charges between N200 and N250 to iron a cloth depending on the materials. He went ahead to say that this hampers his economic wellbeing as the little money being given to him by his parents is not always enough for his upkeep talk more of patronizing dry cleaners.
On the government lodge axis of the residential area, the story is not different as our reporter saw a cue of about 15 persons charging their phone in one of the students room who have “I pass my neighbour” power generating set. When he was quizzed on the current situation, Akunna Okeke of the Department of Banking and Finance said that she cannot stay without her phone powered and as such will do anything humanly possible to ensure that it is always charged, hence the option of charging it on her neighbour’s room.
The business operators are not spared in the menace. One of the them Mr. Sunday Ugbala who owns a computer centre said that due to the power problem, they spend a lot of money buying fuel. He also said that students abscond from typing and photocopying their documents pending when there is power supply from the public power source which is cheaper.
Effort to contact the operation manager of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDU), Ishieke unit proved abortive.    
As landlords blame it on cost of building material
House rent in the four campuses that made up Ebonyi State University has risen unimaginably. A visit to the campuses show that landlords have turned to shylocks cutting the flesh of the students.
In CAS campus of the university, a student residing at Dominus Lodge who does not want his name in print said that there house rent was fourty thousand naira (N40,000) per apartment which is a self contain, but after some time, the landlord issued a notice to all the occupants that the house rent has been increased to sixty thousand naira (N60,000). He went further to state that the students mobilized and met the landlord who said that the issue is not in his power that the house and the issue of renting is in the hand of a law chamber. This according to him made so many students to look for alternative accommodation as they are unable to pay while the well to do once continued to stay.
At the presco campus, an investigation show that St. Cecelia hostel located close to umuoghara which does not have source of portable water, that the occupants pay fifty thousand naira (N50,000). This is because it is far from the school and if the reverse has turned out to be the case, it should have been eighty thousand naira (N80,000). Rumours has it that the landlord want to do a minor renovation in his bid to increase the house rent.
The story is not different at the Ishieke campus. At Shalom hostel for instance, the landlord increased the house rent from twenty five thousand naira (N25,000) to a whooping forty thousand naira (N40,000). The most embarrassing part of it is that the hostel in question is not self contain rather “face me I face you” type of apartment. This made some students residing in the area to look for alternative while the final years students lodge there complain at the Human Right Commission Abakaliki. The case was later resolved that the final year students should be allowed to finish their exams. This means that if you cannot afford the money and you are not in your final years, you will pack out. This led to mass exodus of the occupants which up till now, the lodge is virtually empty and grasses are gradually taking over as tenants.
The only area that has a different story is the permanent site axis. This is because there is no much lodge for students. The few are family houses converted as a result of circumstances and necessity to student lodge.
Speaking on the alarming situation, the Student Union Government President, Comr. James Ogbunkwu blamed the situation on lack of school hostel which according to him will soon be history as the state government is constructing a mega hostel that will contain all the students of the institution.
One of the landlords responded to a question put to him on this context by saying that it is as a result of cost of building materials and maintenance.


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