Following the high demand of poultry products and the rate at which young entrepreneurs venture into poultry farm, I see there is need to establish a hatchery centre to support small and medium sized business as well as new entrepreneurs as they pursue innovation growth opportunity. The hatchery will provide customized support during the process developing an opportunity of poultry farm.

          This business idea is aimed at setting up a chicken hatchery. And idea is premised on hatching eggs for layers and broilers for both local and hybrids.
          From my researching, I found out that during previous political regime, the executive governor of the State, established a hatchery centre at (ADDRESS HERE), But presently the hatchery centre is not functioning and I believe that since there is no hatchery centre in ___________, that my establishment will not only provide employment to the youth and woman but will attract many other investors outside and within the state to venture into poultry production, which will create a market opportunity for many poultry farmers within the state.

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          The business will be hatching 11,300 chicks per months which translate into 135,600 chicks per year. The revenue potential is estimated at N 27,000 per months which translate into N 304,000 per year. This is to make sure that the company reaches up to the high demand of poultry production in Nigeria.
          The company from my survey shall be sited at (ADDRESS HERE) under ___________________ south L.G.A in ___________________. This is because it is a good channel to all the rural areas within the state and since (ADDRESS HERE) is not the state capital will cost me lower amount to get land and hire labourers than that of the state capital. The product will be purchased from whole sale suppliers and re-sold to retail consumers.
          The centre end result will reduce the rate at which poultry farmers spend finance/money for transportation just to transport their day-old out side the state and will support business as they grow.

First, Hatchery is a facility where eggs are incubated and hatched
          The business plan will venture into setting up a chicken poultry to hatch eggs to day-old chicks for the local farmers and young entrepreneurs who venture into poultry farm. From the information I gathered during my research. The workers at the OUR FARM hatchery centre made known to me the current requirement for the establishment of a new hatchery business in ___________________ State. And they also made known to me a better measures for the success of the business which the include a good site for the location of my business plan which is (ADDRESS HERE) in __________ south L.G.A of ___________ state since they say is a good channel to all the rural areas within the state.
          This business venture is a sole-proprietorship and as an undergraduate in the field of animal science that have gathered enough experience about hatchery, I have developed many strategies to tackle every problem that may result to a collapse in the business.
          Three plots of land shall be bought for the use of this business and is estimated at N900,000 and the structure, decoration of different officers and sectors, car, packs and good road for an easy entry is also estimated at N75,00.
          The project also entails installation of incubator that will cost N320,000 where fertilized eggs are kept for a period of 21 days, and the are hatched to day-old chicks, which are then sold to poultry farmers.

CURRENT STATUS: - Currently, the number of poultry hatcheries and incubators in the country can not meet the demand of the poultry farmers. ___________________ state where my hatchery centre will be located has no competitors since from my research I found out that there is no functioning hatchery centre in the state.
          However, what is obtained presently is that farmers have to book for day-old chicks at the existing hatcheries and wait for weeks or months before they can be supplied with day-old. Most of the time, it is by allocation.

One of the greatest problems facing Nigeria to-day is unemployment. The cause of unemployment can be attributed to low investment in the productive sector. So, in order to make sure that my company tackle the problem of farmers waiting for weeks, or months just to get old-days chicks, enough money will be invested to this business so as to produce up to the farmers requirement. Thus establishment of this project will be an addition to the productive sector, which on the short and long run will create employment opportunities and reduce social vices in the country.

There really is no competitor within the state where my project is to be located.

My task are to encourage my customers to make referrals, to implement direct marketing to groups and to go out to the various ranches and poultry farmers to introduce my company.

CURRENT STATUS: Within the hatchery centre, business competes on price quality, customer service and delivery.

DEVELOPMENT PLAN: - The business has a great market demand both in rural and urban areas through out the year and I plan to sell my product to poultry farmers.
          I strongly believe that by offering a good delivery services, I will gain a substantial number of customers both through the advantages of my services and with an interesting advertisement I will do. I will enter into direct sales and approach members of my target markets with at least 10 square miles both via phone and with direct visit. Where possible, I will ask farmers I know to provide me with an introduction or to mention me to their neighbours and friends before I approach them. This will both lend customers as genuinely in need of my services based on other’s knowledge of them and will help the company to generate an Annual turnover of N35 million which has been computed, while the profit margin of about 40 percent is realized after cost deduction including bank charges.
          I will also tell my customer about my product and services and then ask them clearly what I need to do to earn their business. I will then mirror back to them what they have said to be sure I understand their needs.
          Finally, I will create an individualized sales proposal with their specific needs. I will present the proposal as a written agreement by both parties to begin doing business. Detail for each other will be entered into my customer database. Follow up calls will go to each customer within 24hours of each delivery to ensure satisfaction.
          If for any reason there is an issue it will be handled immediately by one of the owner directly with the customer. By this I will generate it’s customers. Public Awareness arrangement is as follows:
Advertisement on radio           N17,000
Advertisement on Tv               N21,000
Advertisement on Newspaper N 2500
Total                                       N40,500
Promotions will also be observed and the company will offer a price to the winners.

CURRENT STATUS: From my research I found out that the problem most of the hatchery centre face especially that of ___________________, is:
1)    lack of equipment
2)    Inability to put enough funding
3)    Facilities are not put in place
4)    Lack of vehicles for distributing the day-old chicks
5)    Inability to employ and pay workers in various offices.

These are most of the things needed at the poultry site and it’s estimated prices. And this shall be provided to avoid the collapse of my company.
     Equipments and facilities
Hatchery layout
Ventilation design
 Egg incubator
 Fertile hatching eggs
Different department and their estimated manpower requirement

General managers office
General manager            50,000/month
Secretary                        15,000/months

Production department
Production supervisor manage         35,000month
All workers here                               25,000/month
Financial department
Book – Keeper’s                               7,000/month
Typist                                                5,500/month
Other department like
Security  men                                    22,000/month
Labourers                                          14,000/month
Drivers                                              30,000/month
Total                                                  #203,500 
Production procedure
There are two processes to incubation:
          Firstly you have the SETTING phase. This is where the egg turn automatically for the first 18 days in the setter incubator.
          Secondly, you have the HATCHERY phase which is the last 3 days of the incubation cycle, from day 18 to 21. The eggs lay still in the hatcher during these last three days until they hatch on day 21.

This is a business plan sample..... We can write a Feasibility study / Business Plan for that business you want to venture in; a Business proposal for that bank loan / grant you want to collect to start your business.... Click Here for detailed Explanation

          The firm form of owners is proprietorship and the organization encompasses other management teams that have their roles and entitlement as follows:
NUBO ANTHONY: - As the C.E.O of (NAME OF BUSINESS) Chicken poultry enterprise. An animal scientist by profession, and he is just a new entrepreneur, but he is also the CEO of (NAME OF BUSINESS) poultry farm.

Mr A. : General Manager. He has worked as a production manager at the ministry of Agriculture Lagos state which generates total revenue of 1.5 billion annually. Due to the experience he have gathered, he will be the manager of this enterprise and his salary will be N50,00/month other officers and workers will be paid as stipulated at the operational plan and also based on the annual income the enterprise is able to generate in a month.

This covers three broad areas, the income statements, statement of cash flow annual basis for three years and balance sheets.
1) Income statements 
Sales                                                 39,150,000
Cost of sales                                    
Cost of goods sold                            6,132,943
Gross profit                                       7,234,069
Advertising                                       180,000
Salaries and wages                            764,204
Employee benefit programmer         120,000
Pension & Annuality plans               6899,563
Compensation of officers                  6,899,563
Bad Debt                                           120, 000
Rent paid                                          150,000
Repairs                                             70,000
Depreciation                                     170,000
Interest paid                                      24,000
Miscellaneous                                   34,000
Total expenses                                  15397332
Net profit before tax                         3,253,202
Less 45% tax                                    1,694,075
Met profit after taxation                   1,882,640

Income statement for 3 years

Cost of good sold
Gross profit
Operating expenses
Net profit before tax
Less 45% tax
Net profit after tax

Project balance sheet
Cash                                        306,000
Accounts receivable                 635,600
Inventories                              3.162,510
Current Asset                          4.649,140
Fixed Asset                              2.375,000
Total Asset                              7,024,140

Account payable                               45,880
Capital                                              5,000,000
Add net profit                                   2.492,374
Net worth                                          4,882,640
Total liabilities & net worth              7,024,140 



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