Yahoomail-com/Registration Form – SIGNUP USING COMPUTER AND MOBILE PHONE

This is a simple step with guidelines on How to register and sign up for yahoomail account using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Yahoomail is one of the oldest form of sending free electronic mails and it has also be verified to be fast and safe. So many email users has come to know this fact and wants to have an account. To get the services of yahoo, one must complete a registration form Which provide basic information of the user. In this article, easy procedures of filling the yahoo registration form will be explained.

Simple steps of getting a yahoomail form
1. Open your browser
2. Type

It will load yahoo news homepage Which contains news, entertainment etc. Click on the envelope sign on the top right Conner of the page. It will land you to the Login page of yahoo as seen in the image below:

3. Click on Create New account
It will open the sign up form and the URL that will display on the browser bar will be:

4. Fill the form with your correct data. For example:
1.   Yahoo Registration will require the provision of Name – Type in your full name.
2.   Gender – Select One – Male or Female.
3.   Date of Birth – Select Date, Month, Year
4.   Preferred Yahoo email address (Username) – It can be your personal or business name.
5.   Password – A minimum of six (6) characters or numbers or a mixture of both must be entered two (2) times. Special characters are not allowed. (Keep this in a safe place).
6.   Security Question – Pick and answer a question that will be remembered always.
7.   The automated captcha Code/Alphabet must be entered correctly to prove that a user is human – This is to prevent spamming.

5. Mark/check the confirmation box at the left corner of the page Which symbolizes that you agree with yahoo terms of use and privacy policy.

6. Click signup. Your brand new yahoo mail has just been created and you can now login to your account. Click here to read the procedures to Login.



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