Agenda setting theory is the theory that mass media have large influences on audience by their choice of what story to consider news worthy. It tells us what to think about and then, the publics get interested from that and begin to have their own options. Mass media can control the interest of their publics this theory involves two concepts media agenda and public agenda. Media agenda are issues that are discussed in media such as television, newspaper, and radio. Public agenda are issues what are discussed and personally relevant to the public.

This research has focused on three sets of contingent conditions: Characteristics of audience, the issues, and the media. This agenda setting only happens to certain people under certain condition to make the public feel that this is a significant issue in programme, for example in a Unity FM a woman commented on the importance of girl child education. She emphasized the empowerment of the girl child through education in our country because of her importance in the family, states and nations in general.
            So those who listened to that particular programme will see the impotence of girl-child education.

            This review of literature has among other things succeeded in supporting the view that there are various levels of marginalization of the girl child across cultures, religion etc world over. Certain parent remains apprehensive on the types of education and exposure the girls’ child ought to receive.

            Evaluation of this girl further reveals that women who acquired western education and  has the privilege of occupying positions of authority and trusts which were hitherto regards as purgatives of men, performed creditably. The review further reveals that the education of the girl child has however not be given pride of place in the scheme of things despite various campaigns by various women groups and organizations in support of proper gender mainstreaming, aimed at achieving equality or equality of opportunity between the female and her male counter part.

            Lastly, it is the expectation of this study to unravel the extent radio programmes and parental attitudes supports the education of the girl child, using Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi state as a study.
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