In this book, ‘Are you aware of this power?’ we are to examine critically various aspects of power but to lay more emphasis on the spiritual with respect to the bible. The spiritual controls the physical in all things. This is an indisputable fact as it relates to human life. Life experiences have proved this beyond all reasonable doubts.

In the society today, people demonstrate their powers mostly when they are leaders and are occupying vital position. They will always like to show to their followers that they are in charge of everything. This you can easily observe by the ways they force their followers to obey them merely to satisfy their own selfish interest.
            For instance, it is more noticeable in the family between the husband and wife; in the school, between the headmaster / principal / vice chancellor and their staffs. In the church, between the superintendent and the curate; in the market, between the executives / task force and the members. In the offices between the director / manager and the employees. Power is demonstrated in the Motor- Park between the loaders and passengers where passengers have no say to the kind of bus, they wish to travel with. You can equally observe this in the barracks where senior and junior officers were living together, also in the village where the leaders can decide what the villagers should do and in many other places.
Certainly, people living and working together must have problems and in order to solve their problems, they must have rules and regulations guiding them. Therefore, they must have leaders. Note that it is natural for human beings to battle for supremacy and power whether consciously or unconsciously because all human beings are political animals. Sometimes it is a spontaneous act and this is why it is natural for one to indulge in politics.
For this reason, some people were forced from their inner most to speak common power languages like:
         you must know who I am .
         Who are you?
         Who do you think you are?
         I will show you who I am
         You will see.
         I will deal with you.
         I will know you and me who is controlling this school.
         How much do you have?
         I have my connections.

But this is not the kind of power we will discuss in this book. These are earthly or physical powers but not spiritual. There is power that supersedes all these earthly powers and it is power from the kingdom of God (power from heaven).
Consequently, we are going to look into these spiritual powers:
         power of Creation
         power of Life (Eternal life) and Light
         power of Revelation
         power of Deliverance
         power of Resurrection
         power of Knowledge and Wisdom
Brethren, as you study along with me, God must certainly and definitely open your spiritual eyes merely to see and to become  aware of these powers He gave to you to become his son. He must give to you the spiritual strength or the inner ability to function with these powers.
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