·        Its dried peels keeps the garbage cans and garbage disposals tolerable.
·        It softens brown sugar.
·        It repels insects.
·        It serve as Dry cleaner
·        It provide subtle fragrance to our home.
·        Its dried peels also combats stinky shoes.
·        It is used for making Dry sponge.

·        It is used to prevent bruises (therefore it good for treating sports (injuries)
·        It is used in the treatment of joint and muscle pains.
·        Helps in relieving gastrointestinal or stomach upset.
·        It is used in the treatment of corns and calluses (dry skin).
·        It is used to reduce cramping and improves circulation.
·        It is used in the preparation of juice.
·        Planted to enhance the environmental aesthetics.
·        It is used alongside other fruits in the local treatment of malaria

3.   GUAVA
·        It is mixed in conjunction with other plants to generate herbal medicine for the treatment of arthritis.
·        It is used alongside some vegetables for salad.
·        The leaves can be chewed to bring relief of toothaches.
·        Crushed leaves of guava leaves can also be placed on wounds and scraps to bring pain relief and prevent infection.
·        Infusion made with guava leaves can help heal mouth sores and swollen gums.
·        Its extracts is used in the treatment of diarrhea type two (2) diabetes etc.
·        Its fruit is extensively used to make candies, preserves, jellies, jams.

·        It is used for herbal or local treatment of malaria
·        It is used in production of tooth paste powder
·        Enhances environmental aesthetics
·        It is planted around homes to reduce mosquito bites
·        Used as chewing sticks.
·        It is added in water to treat poultry disease (new castle disease)

5.   OKRA
·        Okra juice is used to treat diarrhea with fever related pain.
·        It can also be used to treat skin itchiness and as skin moisturizer.
·        Roasted okra seeds are used to promote sweating.
·        Its leaves and roots are used as poultice for wounds                       
·        Decotion of okra leaves, fruits and roots are used to treat urinary problems such as painful urination.
·        Okra fruit are eaten to prevent involuntary discharge of semen.
·        Okra leaves are used for inflammation.
·        Okra is eaten to treat fever, headache and arthritis.
·        It helps in lowering the blood sugar level.

6.   GRAPE
·        It also reduces eye disease related to diabetes.
·        Grape extracts is used in the production of antioxidant.
·        Grape seed when mixed with other fruits like pawpaw and pineapple is used for local/ herbal treatment of malaria.
·        Grape is used in the production of can (juice) drinks.
·        It reduces cardiovascular conditions.
·        Drinking of grape seed extracts reduce swelling caused by injury.

·        It is used for stopping bruises (bleeding).
·        It combats the adverse effect of diabetes.
·        Chewing the stem of bitter leaf helps to prevent toothache.
·        Chewing of the stem also reduces constipation, stomach ache and inflammation.
·        Regular consumption of bitter leaf helps to regulate the blood cholesterol level which is a risk factor of heart attach and stroke
·        It is effective in prevention of malaria. 
·        It is used for treating common skin diseases such as ringworm, eczema.
·        It protects the liver from drug induced damage.
·        It slows the growth of cancer and even kills cancers.
·        It hastens child birth.

·        A tea, tincture made with plantain eases the itching of poison ivy.
·        The infusion of plantain leaf can be poured into the ear to treat ear infection.
·        It is used to treat skin irritations such as eczema, mosquito bites, chicken pox, rashes and sores.
·        Its leaves are used in salad making.
·        It is used in the herbal treatment of ulcers, heart burn.
·        It used in the treatment of insect and snake bite.
·        It serves as home made healing salve which can be used as natural antibiotic ointment on cuts and bruises.

·        A paste made of pawpaw is applied to bee stings to relief the immediate pain.
·        The ripe fruit is eaten to prevent rheumatism and reduce urine acidity.
·        The leaves when poulticed, relief nervous pains and removes elephantiod growths.
·        The flowers are used to treat jaundice.
·        The inner bark of pawpaw bark used to numb sore teeth
·        The juice is used for the treatment of warts, cancer tumors, corns and hard skins.
·        The seeds promotes menstrual discharge.
·        The seeds are eaten as contraceptive by men.
·        The roots of pawpaw plant is said to cure piles and yaws.
·        It serves as oral contraceptive that induces abortion.

10.       MAIZE
·        Detoxifying the kidneys
·        Preventing the formation of stones along the urinary to act and in the kidneys.
·        Maize (corn) seeds are used in making infusion (tea)
·        Infusion made from maize is used in combating nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) in children.
·        It is used in the treatment of certain digestive diseases.
·        Eating cooked fresh corn (maize) and drinking a glass of the water (in which the corn is cooked) with a spoon of pure honey, exerts a mild diuretic and notifying effect on the kidneys and urinary system by:
·        Increasing the flow of urine
·        Drinking corn seed infusion prevents  nausea and vomiting.
·        Eating of fresh corn helps in cleansing the teeth thereby lowering the risks of dental problems.
·        Granted whole corn powder is used in the herbal preparation of libido enhancement drug/medicine
·        Corn/maize starch dissolved in cold water helps in stopping running stomach.                      
·        Corn meal helps in booting up estrogen in female.
·        Frequent eating of corn reduces the incidence of card nonvascular diseases like hypertension, heart disorders etc.
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