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Procedural Outline
  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Introduction
  4. A consistent saving culture  
  5. A good investment planning
  6. An alternative business outfit
  7. Business Control/Management
  8. Proper Banking
  9. Executive Primary
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1.         Vision
To in ten years time have a financially robust and stabilized (Name here) whose corporate social responsibility in his status placing will be commendably admirable even as his disposition towards the offering of selfless service remains legendary extending to a grater number.
2.         Mission
To provide a calculated, step-by-step, and applicable financial outline through which not less than N20,000,000 {Twenty Million Naira} in liquid assets should have been raised in ten years time from 2013 whose sole owner shall be (Name here) -an emerging entrepreneur and an admirable character extraordinaire before he is 30 years old!

Analytical statistics borne out of reliable findings have revealed that in this life, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! In the course of my studies, traveling and meeting people, I have equally come to see and accept that the world belongs so far to the few men who take pleasure in doing what others cannot attempt. Whatever people strongly admire in me today, I owe the greatest percentage of it to your brotherliness, uncommon philanthropy and willingness to stick to a continuous quest toward supporting me.

It is in the spirit of thinking of how I can be of use to you on the other hand (Name here), that I went on a hair-splitting research on how I can aid you with an idea that will transmogrify  your finances towards greater stability through calculated and practically applied business venture and together, we will put up a good entrepreneurial framework that will see you having not less than N20,000,000{Twenty Million Naira} on or before your 30th birthday precisely on February 9th 2023. This is borne out of my deep rooted conviction that a small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.

To raise at least N20,000,000 in the next 10 years is however not a small feat. But in my attendant positive inclination towards issues of futuristic concerns, I wish to simply lay bare, some step by step but realistic procedure by which we can achieve this goal in target time.    

Below is the outline:

A consistent Saving Culture   
Small drops of water, makes a mighty ocean, so goes a sage. The success of this business plan purely depends on your ability to appreciate the beauty and associate comfort that comes with saving something out of every kobo you earn. This in simple demonstration implies that, if your can cut down your expenses, you will be able to save N3,000 per day for 31 days this will fetch you a deposit of N93,000 every month in the bank.

So in simple arithmetic, you would have saved N1,116,000 {One Million, sixty thousand naira} in one year, which is too much money. So in the next 10 years, you would have saved N1,1160,000. This is enough money! It is even enough for a PDP ticket to contest State House of Assembly election.

Without us needing to do any business, if you consistently save N93,000 per month, you would have saved N11,160,000{Eleven Million, One Hundred and sixty thousand naira} in 10 years.

Good Investment Planning                  
A brand new Keke-Napep presently goes for N450,000. If you save N93,000 fro 5 months, you will have N465,000. N450,000 will be used in buying the Keke-Napep. N10,000 will be used for getting plate number and having the keke registered.

Getting a purpose driven and vision oriented person to hand over the Keke-Napep to on hire-purchase terms wont be a problem.

The Keke driver will run the Keke on a hire purchase written agreement of N900,000 for a year and 6 months. At the end of the year, he would have remitted N520,000 to your account. The remaining 6 months, he will complete the payment with the remaining N260,000.

So, in a year if you were able to save N1,116,000 between now and next year, out of this we bought 2 Keke Napep by this time – October 2014, we will have a balance of N216,000 in your savings account. If two men work for you jointly but independently, between October 2014 – April 2016, both of them would have paid you N900,000 each and you will have a profit of N1,800,000{One Million, eight hundred thousand naira} from buying two keke Napep.

The investment into the keke Napep will be fetching you N1,800,000 for every two keke Napep bought every year after a hire purchase deposit of N10,000 every week for one and half years.

From October 2014 – October 2023, you would have had 18 keke Napep in (Location here) each of the 18 Keke Napep which runs for you on a N900,000 Hire Purchase agreement for one and half years, would have collectively before 2023 seen to it that you have N16,200,000{Sixteen Million, Two hundred thousand}.

When you buy two keke Napep every year for 900,000, you will have N216,000 every year remaining in your account from the 1, 116,000 you would have saved every year. N216,000 balance every year in your account will be N2,160,000{Two Million, One hundred and sixty thousand} in ten years. This amount will be further invested into another business venture of your choice as you so deem fit. You will be free to choose whether it should be invested into a boutique, wine bar shop, café browsing centre, or football ultra-modern viewing arena/hall situated in a good environment under an amazing interior decorated hall.

Alternative Business Plan
A  15 seater commuter hiase bus is sold for N4.5 million naira. Alternatively, against the option of owning Keke Napep. If you have N116,000 from saving N93,000 per month in four year that is between October 2014 – October 2018, you would have saved enough to buy one commuter hiase bus. You will register it with Peace Mass Transit. I have a link through which we can connect with the owner of Peace mass, to enable us have a transparent running of what we will be getting from the bus every month.

If by October 2018, we have one commuter hiase registered with Peace Mass Transit, if they pay you N100,000 per month, between October 2018- October 2023, you will have a savings of N6,000,000{Six Million Naira} if you have N11,160,000 as savings in ten years, you have made N6,000,000 in five years by 2022 from 2018 through buying I commuter hiase bus.

If you have two Commuter Hiase buses, you will be making 1,200,000 from each. In five years, you would have from 2018 – 2022 made N12,000,000{Twelve Million Naira}.

Financial Control / Management
A good management plan manned by a trusted personnel will see to it that the dream of making good the investment of your savings is realized. At this juncture, I volunteer to co-ordinate this proposed business of yours if you start it. This is however subject to your free acceptance that I do so. I have my integrity to protect, which should I choose to not be thoroughly accountable to you, I would jeopardize that. So, not wanting to urinate on my years of long standing relationship with you, I will do everything to ensure that even in the face of impossible odds, your savings and investment are co-ordinated!            

Proper Banking
A new account in any bank of your choice different from the ones you already have would be opened. Activities on how things go in this account will be secretly guarded between myself of you alone. Only when money is to be deposited or withdrawn for building your business investment will the said account be referenced.

If by 2022 we have a savings of N20,000,000 in the bank from investment of ten years borne out of prudence and accountability, we can start organizing a conference like NISSMUN in Abuja. The conference will be called African Students Conference (AFRISCON). By 2022, I would have been 6 years old as a vibrant Lawyer, with contacts and enough connections spread across Nigeria and beyond. I will get the conference legally registered. If every University undergraduate that attends the conference pays N35,000{Thirty five thousand naira} and we started with 500 students for the first year of the conference, from the conference fee alone we would realize  N17,500.000{Seventeen Million, five hundred thousand}.
Embassies, Government Parastatals, Agencies, and Ministries would be affiliated in support with our Conference the same way they do with Nissmun NISSMUM.

Imagine how many people who respect you that will be attending the conference whom we schooled in Hope High with.          We will use ex-students of different universities (Alumini) to convince their Vice Chancellors to allow students from such Universities to attend. To lure them, we will give each University 10% of the money students registered from their Universities as transport fare for the conference. People like Gideon will help us talk with students of (Name here) to come for the conference. With my working relationship with Northerners, I will cover the operational procedures of bringing students for the conference from that region.

We will partner with big Nigerians who will always come to deliver public lectures. Motivational speakers, - people like (Pat Utomi, Wole Soyinka, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala) and speakers from others African countries, and even foreigners like Ben Carson, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, etc depending on our level of influence.

Depending on the level of the organization of the conference and its impact  it is possible that in 5 years from when we started it, attendance can rise up to 10,000 students from Nigeria and other African countries. This will then become the largest students gathering in Africa. If N10,000 students register for a conference with payment of N35,000 each, we would realize N350,000,000{Three hundred and fifty million}. Then even politicians from all works of lives as well as corporate businesses will struggle to identify with us. Most importantly, both of us will be placed at where we can speak and the whole world would listen. Big brother, you have done a lot for me. I simply chose to demonstrate my loyalty to you by opening up this business plan for you to go through and possibly accept to implement it. There is nothing I can not do for you if doing that is within my abilities if human and material resources even be combined.

Every big company in the world started as a simple idea. There is no harm in us dreaming big. This business plan if it be followed, we can be bigger in this life as employers of labor and umpires of the global circuit than we ever imagined in a nearer time than we ever thought possible and amazingly, within record time. If we can think of this, we can do it because, others have grown far more impossible ideas into big businesses and succeeded.


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