A laundry business is another good and profitable venture, any smart person can make money from it very easily. You see, the businesses that make millionaires their millions in most cases are not necessarily one big business like that. Sometimes, it may just be ordinary services like this Dry Cleaning business we're talking about here. Haven't you heard about a Lagos based Business Man who is making millions constantly from 'SHIT' business?

If you're serious about starting business, laundry service is one of the business you should give serious consideration. Besides, Dry Cleaning business is a very clean business full of respect and dignity and still brings good money. That's what make the business a must for smart guys and ladies.

There are many types of laundry businesses, but for the purpose of this post and what I intends to explain, I'm going to focus on "Home Based Dry Cleaning" the type you can start small and eventually expand to something big. You already know what Dry Cleaning is so lets go straight to what you'd need to  get started.

Washed clothes at a Laundry Conveyor
1. Wide Ironing Table: It is very important for your table to be wide enough, at least to give enough pressing space and convenience   as you will be handling large quantity of ironing. Do not use small table that will make your work inconvenient and eventually cause you some damages. Get a table that is smooth and wide enough, something like 4x6 feet.

2. Good Pressing Iron: Invest in  nice pressing Iron for the sake of efficiency, and don't forget you are handling people's fabric. Inefficient Iron could cause more trouble than gain by raking havoc on people cloth. Go for high quality, brand new Iron from known makers like Philips.

3. Garment Conveyor: You will need a garment conveyor for hanging finished clothes. Just get a nice local ones made by furniture makers, but let it be wide enough to avoid stuffing cloths. The picture here is just to give example of what Conveyor looks like. That will help you design your locally made one if you do not have money to buy standard conveyor.

4. BIG Washing Basins: You will need many of this to soak different colors and different types of materials separately. Be careful how you handle people's fabrics so that you don't go about paying for damages rather than making profits. Soak Jeans separately from other materials, soak whites cloths separate, and other colors too. Do not mix colors!

5. Industrial Laundry Detergent: Cleaning is technology, you need to master it with all sense of seriousness. Good cleaning detergent will go a long way to assist you in making thorough cleaning, and that in turn will bring more customers. Do not go for just any washing soap, go for high quality detergent that comes in quantity - you will be needing much quantity of it.

6. Space For Ironing: Spacious ironing environment will not only make your job faster and more comfortable, it will give you sense of balance and relaxed feelings. Devote big enough part of your home for it.

Laundry Ironing Room
A cross section of a Laundry Ironing Room
 7. Other Items Like: Clothespins, Lines, and Drying space should be put in place as well. With all these ready, you're good to go.

Start your marketing with words of mouth around your neighborhood, there are plenty people waiting to patronize you. Treat them well and you will have permanent customers who will ensure your profits daily.

As you go about your business, make sure you don't over charge you customers. Moderate pricing ensures continuous patronage and sustainable venture. The real money comes from rendering good services at affordable prices, that will make the customers come back again and again.
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