Laundry just as the general name means washing of clothes after use. The process of laundry differs from individuals to individuals’ even groups. Basically clothes are made of different materials such as silk, cotton, sertin, nylon and wool and each of them serve different purposes for the comfort ability of human. They as covering for the named body down to give beauty even to represent an occasion or organization.

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However, no matter how it sounds one neither do without wearing of clothes nor it is washing to keep is clean for another use. Brahms Laundry services helps to bridge the gap in not just looking good in the clothes you have but making them look smart on you and extend their life span because everything both living and non-living has life span. It is located in Asaba Delta State due to the content power supply that will enable me meet up and save fuel money.

Laundry business provides services such as stubborn, old clothes renewal, suit washing and both military and co-operate uniform washing.

Most people tend to buy that most costly wears without giving them proper care after use, so we want to create that point that clothes too can talk.
            After our technical washing, we want our customers ever ready and smart that is why we do door to door collection of used clothes and delivery of the Brahms laundry ready one’s.

Current Status
The facts of business are based on the capital investment and the profit outcome. Most of our materials used in washing are available in the market but being indigenous we patronize those home made products because they are more chapter and have no infringement on our customers cloths. We utilize locally made starch because of its uniqueness, homemade washing soaps and detergent and industrial jik and chemical.

Clothes are of different types and colour so in our washing we separate white clothing form the coloured one’s for white shirts they are soaked with industrial Jid and homemade detergent for 30- 40 mins to enable the stairs dissolve. While the coloured clothes are soaked without detergent of prevent washing off the colour but these clothes are washed instantly using the homemade soap. For clothes like polos and suit we wash using sponge not to over lather the clothes because they are made of very high fragile texture.
Materials for our services involves
1.         big baff
2.         Soap
3.         Detergent
4.         Jik
5.         Starch
6.         Sponge
7.         Hangers and pegs
8.         Water

Other necessary equipment is the pressing iron Generator set, water sprinkler, table, shelves, record book, Nylon, collotype and receipt. Many other materials are also available but these are the necessary one. For a beginner, one can start from the comfort of his/her room before acquiring shops or even plaza.

After washing a particular cloth, the cloths are properly ringed and well drained of logging water before being spread under the sun. When the clothes are spread outside for drying, interval check-up are done not to allow the high rays of the sun causing damage to them especially clothes like suits, folos, and coloured shirts like native.

When washing shirts or native is the same method but the only thing is that shirts like white can be soaked with jik and detergent but native that is coloured is not done so except white and also the quantity of starch applied differs because shirts need little starch while native’s of high texture needs most of the starch. For the suits no starch is applied not even the weeding gown or the polos.

The cost of our materials are a bit cheaper because we buy in large qualities and they are homemade.

Soap               -           per bar                                                =          120
Detergent       -           Tin milk equivalent to big sachet  =          200
Jik                   -           N180 (Big size)
Nylon             -           N100 (100 pieces)

And when all this materials are utilized, one still have reserves that can serve a bit longer tog ether more income before purchasing another. Because, already have water situated in house and available buckets and pegs only pay for soap, jik, detergent and starch which after my expenses will leave a little profit for me. The charges are different because of the cloth type which are as follows;

Material                                             Cost (N)
Shirt                                                    150
Native                                                            200
Suite                                                   300
Wedding gown                                  300
Polo                                                    100
Trousers                                             100

When at least clothes of 10-15 are washed you notice that cost of washing materials are covered because at first I do not buy water and the cost of fueling the generator is resolved thanks to my site of business.

This business is generally done by people in modern and local method but uniqueness is the sure thing about a business. this business venture is well structured in a way customers sanitization will be met and also remove extra cost for me in managing the business.

Presently numerous individuals and co-operate bodies are embarking in laundry

Current Status
Presently numerous individuals and co-operate bodies are embarking in laundry business but Brahms Laundry services having noticed this present development have pledge satisfaction to its esteem customers. Brahms laundry located in (Address Here) is silted for basic reasons which are too many but few are

Firstly, the metropolis of (Locations Here) can boast of adequate and coat ant light when compared to places like (Locations Here) which is a very industrious and uncreative city with government parastals, private firm, banks, schools, companies and hostels that contributed much income to the preserving them.

We also want to embark on process where banker’s, companies would be registered with us and subsequently we visit them either in their officers or homes to pick-up these clothes and at the end of the week or month we paid and these in unique because the customers might decide to bring in all laundry materials of his/her which we enrich us the more.

Some laundry firm provide services such as instant deposit of clothes and delivery but they all termed at making huge profit for that moment and making the customer regretting taking his/her clothes there.

Some laundry firm provide services such as instant making huge profit for that moment and making the customer regretting taking his/her clothes there. But at this we avoid the use of washing machines because 80% of clothing fades away easily due to machine wash.

Current Status
Most laundry form is sometimes moderate or even high when compared to this Laundry service. They run their activities as follows;
Clothes (per)                                                prices (N)
 Shirt                                                               150/200
Native                                                            300
Suit                                                                 500
Wedding gown                                              500
Polos/trousers                                               100

When I wash a total number of fifteen shirts at the cost of N150 for each the….. More from the Complete Feasibility Study.



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