Agric Practical - Traditional Method of Producing Palm Oil in Nigeria

WAEC Agric Practical - Traditional Method of Producing Palm Oil in Nigeria

This is the simple pprocess and method of Traditional Method of Producing Palm Oil in Nigeria as required in the WAEC syllabus for specimen and practical. Bunch reception. Fresh fruit arrives from the field as bunches or loose fruit.... more is in this post; Agric 2017/2018 Practical Questions/Answers Revealed for WAEC Expo.

Traditional Method of Producing Palm Oil in Nigeria

  1. Threshing (removal of fruit from the bunches) ...
  2. Sterilization of bunches. ...
  3. Digestion of the fruit. ...
  4. Pressing (Extracting the palm oil) ...
  5. Clarification and drying of oil. ...
  6. Oil storage. ...
  7. Kernel recovery
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Palm Oil Mill Unit operation and Summary of Unit operations

Fruit fermentation

  • Purpose - To loosen fruit base from spikelets and to allow ripening processes to abate

Bunch chopping

  • Purpose - To facilitate manual removal of fruit

Fruit sorting

  • Purpose - To remove and sort fruit from spikelets

Fruit boiling

  • Purpose - To sterilize and stop enzymatic spoilage, coagulate protein and expose microscopic oil cells

Fruit digestion

  • Purpose - To rupture oil-bearing cells to allow oil flow during extraction while separating fibre from nuts

Mash pressing

  • Purpose - To release fluid palm oil using applied pressure on ruptured cellular contents

Oil purification

  • Purpose - To boil mixture of oil and water to remove water-soluble gums and resins in the oil, dry decanted oil by further heating

Fibre-nut separation

  • Purpose - To separate de-oiled fibre from palm nuts.

Second Pressing

  • Purpose - To recover residual oil for use as soap stock

Nut drying

  • Purpose - To sun dry nuts for later cracking

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