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NPower Tests Portal and Assessment Centre  2017 | N-Power Online Login

In this article, we will provides you with npower Tests and Assessment Centre application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Npower. Furthermore, information is available for searches related to NPower Tests Portal and Assessment Centre; npower test login, npower online login, npower test portal, npower website, https portal npower gov ng testing,, npower test series 2018, my npower portal, npower teach, npower list of shortlisted candidates and so on. Register Npower Application Form Here.

Prepare for the npower Graduate Tests and Assessment Centre

First and foremost, are you applying to an npower graduate scheme? Ofcourse, we know that the npower graduate recruitment process has a number of difficult stages you must pass in order to move on to the next step. Also in this article, we’ve compiled all the information you need to prepare for each step into a helpful guide, giving you the best chance possible for achieving your goal of employment with npower Nigeria and Npower UK. They are all Npower Volunteer Programme that pays stipends. More on the following will also be seen in this post.
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Prepare for npower Nigeria/UK

As a matter of fact, no matter the graduate scheme you are applying to at npower, it can be an interesting and exciting place to work. No doubt, the company only wants the best of the best, their rigorous recruitment process can be challenging but don’t let that stop you. With the right practice and preparation from Nigeria Npower official website ( and Job Test Prep UK websites, you can give yourself a good chance at getting that prized job offer.

About npower NPower Tests Portal and Assessment Centre

In Nigeria, NPVP means Npower Volunteer Programme (providing jobs for university graduated youths, tradesmen/women, namely; Npower Tech, N-Agro, N-Build, N-Health etc) While in London, npower, also known by its full name, RWE npower, is one of the UK’s 'big six' energy suppliers, generating electricity and supplying gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the UK. Presently, npower regularly recruits for a range of graduate roles including bespoke, quantitative risk, commercial analyst and finance. While the npower recruitment process varies slightly according to each type of role, recruitment for all npower graduate roles involves a range of tests to assess suitability of candidates. For this reason, npower uses a competency-based screening process to discover not only what you have achieved on paper, but to see if you have developed the right skills from your previous education, work and life experience to fill the role they are recruiting for accordingly.

nPower Competencies

Consequently, there are five major competencies npower is looking out for throughout the application process. These are:
  1. Effective Communication
  2. Pro-Active
  3. Ambitious
  4. Deliver Results
  5. Innovative Solutions

Npower Application Form and Telephone Interview

Meanwhile, the first step you’ll take is submitting an npower application form online. This will usually be followed by an npower telephone interview. The npower interviewer is looking to check your personal details, and find out a bit more about your current employment, educational background and work experience. Also, there are normally also two competency-based questions. These questions give you an opportunity to demonstrate you have the particular skills that npower is looking for in a successful candidate.

Very importantly, the skills npower is looking for can be found in the original job advert, so make sure you read this carefully before you begin your application. You should use real life examples to illustrate your skills, personality and specialist knowledge. Your answers should show an understanding of the qualities sought, and also an enthusiasm and commitment to your potential new role. Competency questions are standardised, meaning all candidates will be asked very similar or identical questions, to ensure fairness in the process.

Npower Online Aptitude Tests

Another thing here is that there is a large range of online tests you may be asked to complete from npower and the type of test depends on your position and job level. npower uses aptitude tests from CEB’s SHL for all levels. Here we outline the test requirements for each graduate scheme and how you can prepare for each test. Notice that some candidates may be asked to take an OPQ personality test as well. This stage takes approximately a half an hour to complete.

N-Power Numerical Reasoning Test

Be informed that the online numerical test applies to commercial analyst, finance and quantitative risk graduate schemes. This multiple choice test is designed to test the applicant’s ability to process numerical information and involves mainly competency-based questions. It is, however, aimed at all skill levels. The assessment is 25 minutes long with 18 questions, featuring tables and graphs with numerical information you must use to answer the questions. Practice tests like what you’ll see from npower with our SHL-style numerical reasoning pack.

N-Power Verbal Reasoning Test

Npower testing portal: The online verbal test applies to Bespoke schemes only. Verbal assessments test the applicant’s ability to process verbal information through long and short reading passages and it involves mainly reasoning-based questions. The test is an average of 20 minutes long and includes 30 questions. Each passage is followed by four multiple choice questions. Experience questions like this for yourself with our SHL-style verbal reasoning pack.

N-Power Video Situational Judgment Test

Furthermore, depending on the graduate scheme you enter, you will perform 2 (commercial analyst), 3 (finance) or 4 (bespoke) video situation tests. These tests offer applicants an insight into working for npower and after watching each video, the applicant will be asked to answer a few multiple choice questions. Each test takes roughly 8 minutes to complete. These tests are similar to traditional situational judgement tests, but they also include a video. You can practice situational judgement tests with our specially designed pack that includes video tutorials to help you master this part of the assessment.

N-Power Personality Test

Some candidates may be asked to complete a personality test in addition to the aptitude tests mentioned above. Personality tests look to see how well you will potentially fit into the npower work environment. Unlike aptitude tests there are no right or wrong answers on this personality test, which includes over 100 questions, but practice can still help you impress at this stage. Our video tutorials and practice tests show you how to give the most accurate portrayal of yourself on this sometimes confusing test.
NPower Tests Portal and Assessment Centre | N-Power Online Login

nPower Assessment Centre

Candidates who pass all the previous stages will be invited to attend a npower assessment centre for the final interview stage, which lasts a whole day. The day begins with an introduction to the company and a site tour. At the assessment centre you can encounter a number of different exercises, including a competency-based npower interview, a test to verify your aptitude test scores, a group exercise, an in-tray exercise and a presentation.

N-Power Group Exercise

The npower group exercise is an opportunity to display your team work skills to the assessors. Depending on the role you are applying for, the activity you take part in may be work related (such a creating a report together) or more team based (such as building a structure according to specific instructions). In both cases, the key to this stage is making yourself heard in the group but not overpowering the other candidates. Practice your skills with our group exercise practice pack.

N-Power In-Tray Exercise

During the assessment day, you may be asked to complete an in-tray exercise. This exercise aims to simulate a work environment with tasks which need to be completed within a specific time frame. Here, your logical and organizational skills are put to the test. To learn more about in-trays and get useful practice exercise, please visit our dedicated page.

N-Power Presentation

Keep in mind that you may be asked to create and give a presentation while at the assessment centre. This exercise is 45 minutes in length, with a half an hour given to prepare a 15 minute presentation. You are given a topic and source materials from npower on the day. Following the presentation, there is a short question answer session with the panel you presented to. During the presentation, it is most important to speak calmly and clearly and to show your interest in the topic at hand. For more pointers on giving successful presentations, check out our dedicated page.

Npower Interview

Above all, every npower applicants face a final interview during the assessment day. The interview consists of both competency based questions as well as questions about your relevant experience. Before the interview, review the npower competencies and come up with relevant examples of when you have displayed what npower is looking for in a candidate, to give during the interview. Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the whole recruitment process, but the key to success is staying calm and confident throughout. Work on these skills with a mock interview with one of our interview assessors.

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