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This is a general notification to everyone that participated in the NECO 2017 examination that the NECO result is not out online on the official NECO Result Checker website. The National Examination Council has not published the result yet. As usual, the NECO result comes out from September or October. If you are among those students that is in a hurry to log on to to check your NECO SSCE result, you are advised to slow down so that you don't get stuck trying to check the result when the result is not yet out. Note that we will update this page when the result comes out.

Over the years, it has been noticed that anytime the NECO SSCE result for senior secondary school comes out online on the official NECO result checker website, several thousands of the SS2 and SS3 students that PARTICIPATED IN the examination usually from June to July will be in a rush to purchase their NECO scratch card from a retailer outlet like business centers and cyber cafes. Most parents even go to NECO headquarters office in their respective states to buy the NECO scratch card for checking their ward's NECO result. After that, they usually check the result at a zonal office close to them while others approach business centers owners and cyber cafes attendants to assist them check and print their results from the official NECO online portal; "I want to check my NECO result", they will say. The attendants will tell them to visit the NECO SSCE Online Checker website to access the examination board official page for simple steps to check and print your own result for 2017. 

Sometime ago, it was noticed that students has now deviced a way to check their NECO result with buying a scratch card. You can read this for more: Check the NECO Result Without Scratch Card. Follow this Simple guideline found here.

Last year, news from National Examination Council (NECO online news), confirmed it that more than 63 percent of the total candidates that participated in the NECO examination passed all their selected subjects in flying colours while about 37 percent failed some subjects. However, some candidate's NECO results was withheld by the National Examination Council for explanations written by invigilators which includes examination malpractices, impersonation and other forms of irregularities reported in their various examination centers.

2017 NECO Result is Not Out Yet... NECO Registration is ongoing

Currently, nobody will be able to successfully check their 2017 NECO results online because most students are still in the process of registering for the NECO exam asking questions. The NECO registration closing date for the 2017 is fast approaching. It is recommended that you go to an approved government school that has access to the official neco portal to complete your registration for 2017/2018 which is ongoing. Meanwhile, you can Download the 2017 NECO Timetable Here so that you will know your exam dates.


Now that you have completely written the examination, donot forget that you will need some requirements to be able to check your neco result online. They include; Type of Examination, Examination Number, Examination Year, NECO Card Serial Number and NECO PIN. Without these information, you may not be able to your can check your 2017/18 NECO result for the June/July and Nov/Dec. If you have them in your possession, the visit the NECO Result Checker Website on and do the following;
  1. First step 1 - Select year Examination Type
  2. Second step 2 - Select year of examination - This is 
  3. Third step 3 - Enter your card PIN number
  4. Fourth step 4 - Enter your Examination Number
  5. Fifth step 5 - Click on "Check My Result" button

Note: NECO Result Card is N300 - N500 only.

9 Steps To Check your 2017 NECO Result on Phones.

It is believed that so many students wants to check their result with Text Message on their mobile phones but its sad that currently, there is no available methods to check your NECO result by Short Message Service (SMS). Note that the SMS result checker method is only available for WAEC / WASSCE candidates without internet connection.

Few people pass their exams with good grades while others fail some subjects and this has made most students to be afraid of checking their NECO result immediately it comes out. If you are among the scared students, you need to study very hard and prepare for future examinations so that you will pass. However, for now, you don't have to be scared anymore because NECO officials more has said that more than 63% of students usually passed the NECO examination each year. If you studied hard and wrote well, then you must hurry up and check your result when it comes out because a published result will remain th same no matter how long you wait before checking it. You can use the following search words below to get to the NECO website. There are also qeustions most students ask; see more below also;
  1. I want to check my NECO SSCE and print it out
  2. I can't log in to to check my result
  3. Please I can't see my NECO result 2017
  4. If our NECO Result Comes Out pls Let Me Know
  5. My NECO result for 2017/2018
  6. I can't check my result but NECO website is not found
  7. When is nabteb going to be out
  8. I want to see my result, how do I do it?
  9. WASSCE 2017/2018 - WAEC direct online.
  10. How to check Neco result without scratch card in 2017

The Senior School Certificate Examination (External Session)

SSCE External Registration is now on-going. Please be informed that the approved NECO GCE Registration for Senior School Certificate Examination 2017/18 (External) is now on-going. This exam is for students who wants get A'level results for securing higher learning admission Please visit any NECO zonal office for examination registration cards now that they are available.

The BECE 2017 Examination Registration (Basic Certification)

The Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE) Registration has started for the year 2017/18 session. Register your child now that the examination registration cards are now available at all NECO headquarters and zonal offices. You may choose to Download BECE Offline Registration Form to Start Registration so that you can see Examination Timetable and other Guidelines

NCEE 2017 Registration for Admission into JS1

General announcement for Common Entrance: The Registration for NCEE (National Common Entrance Examination) for pupils that has completed their primary 6 clasess is now on-going. With this exam, you child can get his/her first school leaving certificate. The examination registration cards are now available at NECO offices. You can Download the form for Offline Registration, followed by the Examination Timetable and Guidelines

Finger Print Scanner - Obtain Free Data Capture Operator ID

Did you know that for yo to be able to Register for NECO examinations as a student in Nigeria, you must have access to a finger print scanner? After that you must also obtain your Free Operator ID code before you can use it? Visit the NECO registration page to get full information.

Check Your 2017 NECO Result Here - NECO RESULT CHECKER

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  2. My NECO Exams 2017/2018
  4. NCEE Site - NECO NCEE website
  5. National Examination Council (NECO) PORTAL
  6. Check your 2017/2018 NECO Result is at 
  7. NECO Time Table - June July 2017 Neco Timetable is here
  9. How to check neco result without exam number
  10. is neco result 2017 out? Check My 2017 NECO Result

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