This is a very simple guide on how to write and present an organized curriculum vitae (CV) so that you can stand better chances of getting employed in that job you are about to apply for. Your discipline or field of study does not really matter, what matters is the ability for the applicant to be accurate with the current methods of writing and presenting a CV.

(Please and please, avoid spelling errors and/or syntactical errors and remember to check your CV severally before printing....This is very important)

YOUR FULL NAME HERE: Write your full name here

CONTACT ADDRESS: Write your current residential address here

EMAIL: Write a working email address here

MOBILE: You may put in two numbers of different networks

PERSONAL STATEMENTS: This is a sample: I am an enthusiastic, highly client focused, and performance driven self starter..............

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: (For Private Organizations, this is not compulsory except if it is required, but for Government jobs, it is a MUST for you to state them out clearly)
Date of Birth             -           1st January 1940 – This is a sample
Place of Birth                        -           Write the name of the place you were born
Marital Status                       -           Single or Married – Choose one
Sex                              -           Male of Female – Choose one
State of Origin                      -           Write the state where you are from
Home Town               -           Write the name of your village/town
L.G.A of Origin         -           Write the village Local Government Area
Religion                     -           Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Traditional etc – Choose one
Nationality                -           Write the name of your country here

SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES: below is a sample:
·        Organized and methodical with an eye for.............
·        A committed team player and leader, able to........
·        Enthusiastic, highly...........
·        A skilled communicator with..........
·        Remain calm and focused under........
·        Dedicated to providing...................
·        Good time management, excellent...........
·        Welcomes opportunities for self I...........

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: (This is not compulsory but it is an added advantage for you in getting the job you desire.)..... NOTE: This must be stated, starting with the LAST (top) to the FIRST ONE (bottom) with the year of acquisition

INSTITUTIONS ATTENDED WITH DATES: (From the last to the first institution) Remember to state the duration of each institution attended

NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS: (This is not compulsory)
Duration: Write when you started and finished your NYSC
Discharge Certificate Number: The numbers on your NYSC certificate

ACADEMIC AWARDS: (If you have any, state them here....this is not compulsory.....remember it must be related to your education particularly in your tertiary institution)

(1) Name of Position:
Name of the Employer
Duration of the work

(2) Name of Position:
Name of the Employer
Duration of the work

(3) Name of Position:
Name of the Employer
Duration of the work

(4) Name of Position:
Name of the Employer
Duration of the work

(5) Name of Position:
Name of the Employer
Duration of the work

(NOTE: "Duties Performed" MUST be included when applying for any position in educational it primary schools, secondary schools, universities, e.t.c.)

OTHER EXPERIENCE: (Note that this is not compulsory but there are certain organizations that could offer you employment based on this experience alone.....I am a living witness to this one. Experiences like positions occupied in a Christian or Muslim student’s fellowship in schools, positions occupied in your departmental or faculty associations....but remember that this may affect your employment either positively or negatively.....THE CHOICE IS YOURS)

PROJECT EXPERIENCE: (This is not compulsory)
(1)       B.Sc. (Ed.) Dissertation (2011) “ Impact of Financial Management on International Oil and Gas Company in a Developing Economy” (This is a sample)
(2)       MBA ..........
(3)       PhD..........

INTEREST AND HOBBIES: (You need to be careful here because stating what you like doing outside the job function describes the REAL YOU and which may give good or bad impression about whom you are.)

REFEREES: (There are certain organizations particularly government jobs which require you to state the name, mobile number, position and organization (or contact address) in that order for each of the THREE referees – See Samples Below:

Mr. A’s NAME here
Write the profession of Mr. A
Write Mr. A’s phone number here

Mr. B’s NAME here
Write the profession of Mr. B
Write Mr. B’s phone number here

Mr. C’s NAME here
Write the profession of Mr. C
Write Mr. C’s phone number here

Remember this one....Pray for the mercy and grace of God to be endowed upon you in your job search and interview Later, I will post how you can write a very good and concise cover letter or letter of job application that will attract the attention of your potential employer:
GOD BLESS YOU SIR or MADAM - Note that this is not compulsory.

If this writeup has helped you achieve your aim, or if you have any suggestions, please write it down using the comment section.
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