Every single youth should be preoccupied with self building, cultivating, growing and acquiring skills needed for overcoming in life, instead of rushing into marriage because age is not on their side.

Age does is not a prerequisite for marriage but knowledge. Love alone cannot give you a happy marriage. If you take a study of the divorced and separated, you would find out that the reason for separation is not lack of love or money, but lack of knowledge on how to live and manage their resources. No wonder Dr. Myles Munroe asked “would you marry you if you knew you like you know you? If you know everything about yourself, would you marry you?

Let’s x-ray some of the things that singles should focus on before marriage.

1. Intra-personal Relationship
The most important type of relationship is intra-personal relationship. Just as you find it difficult to live with people you hate and despise, so would it be if you hate and despise yourself You can maintain a good intra-personal relationship by building self esteem and confidence through the word of God. Realize that there is no other you. You are unique and the best cos you are exactly who God had in mind to create. Your color, race, feature and stature all contribute to make you peculiar. You are constantly showing the world how to see, treat and relate with you by the way you see, treat and relate with yourself. People will respect and treat you right when you respect and treat yourself right.

2. Bad habits

Bad habits they say die hard. Yes whether hard or easy, the point is that they will die. All you need is to make a list of your bad or negative habits and draw up a plan on working on them. With consistency. Commitment and dedication, you can overcome those habits gradually as a single. Knowing that what you cannot overcome as a single you have to endure in marriage. Remember successful singles make successful marriage.

3. Acquire knowledge

Many break ups in marriage and relationships are traceable to lack of knowledge. The Bible says my people perish due to lack of knowledge. Don’t ignore knowledge cos the prize is too high. It is popularly said if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book.
Below are some areas you should seek for knowledge as a single.

Gender differences

Men and women are different in many ways and this difference remains till the end of the world. Men are driven by achievement while women by relationship, men want to explore while women wants to share, men want respect while women want love etc. knowledge of this helps you cope with life and its challenges especially in marriage.

Acquisition of communication skills

Learn how to communicate with the opposite sex effectively. It is very essential in relationships and marriage. Men love respect and wouldn’t have you bossing them around. It is a problem when you say one thing and the other party understands another thing.

Understanding your role and function

A woman can never be the head of the family when the husband is still alive. The woman is the neck who determines the direction of the head through influence. In the head is the eye that sees the need of the family, the ears that hears the cry of the family, the nose that smells and pokes into growing issues in the family and the mouth that speaks up and protects the family. Understand your role and function in it. A boat with two captains will capsize (divorce).

Building financial security

Build a stable system of financial flow. Do not be a leech on your partner. Contribute to build your home and you will earn and enjoy the respect of your partner no matter your income or that of your partner. A family financial system should be built by both partners.

Discover your purpose

Your purpose in life is hidden in God. Just as a manufacturer can explain the purpose of his product, so will God reveal his purpose for you if you go to Him. Stop searching for a girl or boy to be your wife or husband, seek Gods purpose for you and you will surely end up with the right person. Discover and focus on fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Only then will you be successfully single and also have a happy and successful married life. Your marriage is only as good as your single life.

Focus on having a successful single life and see yourself at the top in marital bliss.
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