Text: 2nd Corint 8:2-3:-         Topic : The poor can give more
            Entering your ultimate financial breakthrough may not come as easy as you think. It may involve sowing at a time most inconvenient; it may mean to seemingly endanger your today and tomorrow through a selfless seed. Your gift is not necessarily measured by the size, volume or amount of what you have given but by what you have left after giving.

            In Mark 12:41-44 when the Lord Jesus sat to observe how people gave, He saw that the rich gave fat offerings while the poor gave far less. But then there was a poor widow who gave her only two mites. The worth of what she gave was very insignificant but because she gave all she had and had nothing left, the Lord declared her to be the greatest giver. Some lessons we learn from this are that poverty is not what stops the poor from giving, but their UNWILLINGNESS. There is no one so poor that he or she does not have something to offer to the Lord. In addition, being poor does not stop the poor from being the greatest givers. It is easier for the poor to let go his or her all, than for a multi-millionaire to give all his millions. 

            Are you always complaining that you cannot give because you are poor? That is the excuse the devil is robbing you with. If you check yourself very well, you may even be richer than this widow or the widow of Zarephath. If they could through giving provoke a complete turn around in their situation, you too can.    

            The Macedonian church was another example. They were in deep poverty but that did not stop them for giving and supporting the kingdom business, even offered themselves (2 Corint 8:2-3). The poor of today is the potentially rich individual of tomorrow. Are you poor today? Do you know that God can cause you to overtake the wealthiest person in your community if you can apply God’s principles of giving?    

            If a widow with no one, no job, or relation to depend on, could give her all why can’t you who have a job, parents, relations and friends give more? God is looking out for sacrificial givers. If your giving is below the level of such sacrifice, you are not prepared for the great financial  harvest that is coming your way.

Note: You may be poor financially but there are areas you are richer than the financially rich. Nobody is entirely poor!
            Sow with your heart, challenge God and see………….
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